Here at Practised we believe that the key to long-term success lies in our exemplary customer service. This includes clear and honest communications, on time delivery, high quality work, and perhaps most importantly, adding real technical value.

Practised was formed originally as a residential Structural engineering firm. Today the company broadened its’ scope to more sectors to offer a more complete service to our customers.

Our business has continued to develop and today offers a full range of services including:

  • Residential Structural Engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Commercial Structural engineering

Our Values

At the heart of all our actions are Safety, Quality, Integrity, Excellence and Community. These are the values that underpin Practised’s company culture and the set of behaviours that we expect all our people to embrace.



Safety is fundamental to our everyday culture, whether working from the office or from a project site. We are committed to preventing injuries to our employees and everyone we work with.



Our consultants and engineers are committed to providing our Clients and Colleagues with the highest standard of service we are capable of achieving, commensurate with the expertise and experience within the organisation. We manage the delivery of our consultancy services so that each assignment improves and develops our relationship with the Client and raises our profile in the market. We aim to consistently enhance and develop the skills and expertise of all Practised staff. We constantly improve our service offering in line with market opportunities.

Practised ensure that the quality and level of expertise delivered to the Client and to Colleagues is not limited by the knowledge and experience of any single resource within Practised but always represents the best that our combined knowledge and skills can deliver.


  • Try to provide the Client with more than they expect;
  • Focus our efforts on those activities that will contribute to our success;
  • Aim to be proactive;
  • Review, learn and improve from past projects;
  • Seek feedback;
  • Develop staff effectively;
  • Use our existing experience to avoid reinventing the wheel unnecessarily;
  • Maintain excellent quality of output; and
  • Share information knowledge and lessons learned.



Practised employees act with integrity in all actions and interactions with colleagues, clients, suppliers and subcontractors. Our relationships with each other and our customers are built on respect and trust.


  • Work collaboratively with our colleagues, customers and suppliers;
  • Communicate in a straight forward, clear and concise manner;
  • Are open and honest with clients; and
  • Are prepared to preserve our professional integrity.



As an engineering consultancy firm, our Engineers are selected based on their exceptional technical capability, leadership and commercial awareness. The company offers technical solutions based on proven practice. We manage conflicts of interest and provide independent impartial advice in order to deliver technical excellence to clients.


  • Constantly enhance and develop the skills and expertise of all Practised Staff
  • Are entirely independent of suppliers and other parties, acting in the exclusive interest of our client.
  • Access training and use our professional development system to add value and knowledge;
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology;
  • Anticipate the future;
  • Utilise staff skills and experience to best effect; and
  • Constantly improve our service offering in line with market development.



Practised believes in the importance of community both inside the company and in our external operations. The company is entirely owned by members of staff from the company; we aim to work commercially and profitably for the benefit of our employees. Our approach is friendly and supportive – we operate as the Practised family!

The projects we contribute to have an impact on the wider society in which we live. Engineering infrastructure projects which can affect thousands of people require not only technological and economic expertise, but also an awareness of the responsible use of natural resources.


  • Support and trust our colleagues;
  • Are aware of the value of our technical skills;
  • Work collaboratively with our customers and colleagues;
  • Encourage and promote strong teamwork within our own teams and with clients; and
  • Have a positive impact on the global environment.

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